Effervescent Ennui

Sheesh, we just do NOT update this thing as often as we should. I blame FaceBook- it's too easy to be lazy when one is suckling on Zuckerbergs teat.

So yes, here's an update for those of you paying attention.

We have some staffing changes. Matt has left (for reasons we still don't entirely understand- so far as I'm concerned, if you're going to quit a job, at least have the decency to be able to explain why), but we've regained Charlotte. This makes us giddy, as no other artist we've ever had work with us so perfectly exemplifies the spirit of PennyBlack.

We've also picked up an apprentice, one Alex Cardosa. Keep an eye out for this one- I have a feeling he's going to excel at this medium.

Looks like we're doing this years West Coast Tattoo Culture show. Seems like only yesterday I was standing on a soapbox, raving about why we wouldn't support this convention. Amazing what a new promoter can do, isn't it?

We're hoping to have as much fun as we possibly can, so we call on you all to come out and help. You don't need to do much- just come by our booth and fuel our general lunacy.

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