Samoan shoulder tattoo design tattooed


Recently I designed a few new shoulder tattoos in Samoan style with some Maori koru shapes:


The designs are inspired on the Samoan tatoos like the Sonny Bill Williams shoulder tatoo. The drawings have really detailed patterns and repetitive shapes, mostly in a symmetrical design. 
These designs are covering the shoulder part and part of the upper arm, to just above the elbow.

Yesterday I received a photo from a tattoo artist (Nate Gamble, Australia) who had done the right design shown above on one of his clients. He was really pleased with the result and just bought a new design, this time the second tattoo above.

Here's the photo of the tattooed design:

Shoulder tattoo 141 tattooed by Nate Gamble, Australia
I have seen a lot of my tattoos done by different tattoo artists, but this one is a really nice and clean piece I must say.

Any questions? Just let me know!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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