A couple of days ago, a last-minute walk-in client came in, he wanted a tattoo of the letters 'SFTS'.

At first he seemed somewhat embarrassed about it, in a self-deprecating sort of way. I think he's used to people not getting -at all- what SFTS means.

Sheepishly, he told us that it stands for "Search For The Stoke". When we pressed him for more details, he warmed up to it and revealed to us that its his (and his close circle of friends) personal philosophy.

Search for the stoke.

The stoke.
What the fuck is the stoke?

Only you can answer that question.

The stoke can be anything.
A surreal mushroom trip, a deeply meaningful tattoo, a superb spread of Sushi, gaggingly cute videos of kittens on YouTube, a mindblowing (haw) blowjob... Anything.


The more we talked about this concept, the warmer I got to it all- Fuck yes. Search for the stoke.

It's not about -finding- the stoke.... It's all about the search for it.

It's worth thinking about at length- perhaps we could all use a little more stoke-searching in our lives.

One can't help but pick up a little wisdom along the way too. An incidental perk associated with the search for the stoke.

Go forth, good ladies and sirs...


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